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The market dynamics keeps changing with increasing demands from customers, competitors, and employees. Today, the cloud has become the catalyst helping most businesses to stay relevant with the advantage of operating and competing at an unprecedented speed and scale.

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With our cloud model approach, we help you take full advantage of the cloud from migration to optimization, modernization, and end to end security. We help organizations to revamp existing IT protocols and drive scalable infrastructure through our successful cloud adoption strategies. We also help manage the optimization of existing cloud infrastructure and applications to improve performance, contain cost, streamline management, and beef up security concerns.



We offer a full array of cloud services to help you get full returns on your cloud investments:

Azure Cloud Migration

Save IT costs by moving legacy systems and workloads to the cloud. We remain the best at providing services from strategy, planning to execution. With our deep work experience across various industry verticals, we have the right expertise in Migrating servers, databases, and applications to the cloud respectively.

Our cloud migration approach is flexible, repeatable, highly scalable, and designed to minimize time, effort, and risk, at the lowest possible cost, with predictable business benefits.

Infrastructure Services

An ever-ready IT infrastructure is needed to scale in this digital era with workplace and data capabilities to meet present and future demands.

With our services we can help manage and optimize IT costs and efficiencies on a comprehensive cloud infrastructure that delivers flexibility, increases scalability and performance as your footprint grows, and helps ensure uptime and business continuity.

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Wragby can help you manage, host, migrate and optimize your infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud Security

The complexity of the hybrid and multi-cloud environments could be a major barrier to your organization’s cloud journey. Although the cloud offers various advantages in enabling business transformation, security and compliance risk are often major concerns for most businesses. Whatever your concerns are, you can gain the resiliency you need with our secure cloud approach.

Using a holistic approach from security assessment to final deployment, we help you beef up security threats and meet up with regulatory requirements through various services cutting across cybersecurity, Advanced threat detection, monitoring, and analytics.

We leverage on an array of security solutions from our top technology partners such as Darktrace, Microsoft, Sophos, Checkpoint, Informatica and Kaspersky in providing you with end-to-end security services.

Application Modernization

By modernizing your application, you can take advantage of the cloud by moving existing legacy applications to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionalities to provide the latest functions to your business.

Wragby’s Application Modernization services help organizations strip out unnecessary costs, minimizing risks, and freeing up IT resources to generate business value using SaaS and cloud native services. Our consultants/experts help in modernizing existing infrastructure, processes, and applications to provide an entirely new platform that showcases unimaginable efficiency through the power of the hybrid cloud. We leverage Agile frameworks and other best in class processes, tools, and technologies.

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