Wragby’s Custody solution, wc1000 is an integrated solution that handles all aspects of custody management with rich analytics which is designed to cover all the needs of the Custodian Services market. It covers the full spectrum of operations related to Transactions, Clearing and Safekeeping.

wc1000 is a solution for custody operators and licensed custodians who want to deliver an end-to-end automation of the custody process to facilitate the settlement of financial instruments promptly. It is a fully automated, robust, flexible, and more efficient system which centralizes all workflows into a single portal and allow seamless integration with internal and external third-party applications.

Our Product Functions & Specialized Services

  • Safekeeping of Clients and Investor assets
  • Securities transaction processing and settlements
  • Servicing of Clients assets
  • Reconciliation
  • Banking Services
  • Other services-Loan, for collateral

Core Features


Multi-entity and multi-asset class custody processes support for global network and operations

Settlements processing


Corporate actions processing- it handles the entire Corporate Action Lifecycle


Client billing


Management and regulatory reporting.


Rich Analytics using Microsoft Power BI embedded reporting


A unique Internet interface allows clients to view their positions and trade status via the Internet.


Cloud based solution hosted on secured Microsoft Azure


Subscription is priced in Local currency (Naira)


Web access services to custody clients for instant data management and updates.

Our Promise To You

Cost Optimization
  • More than 50% reduction in operation cost
  • Ease of operations and reduction in Risk of Data Loss achieved
IT as a Business Enabler

Flexibility and Scalability that comes with Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft WAP Cloud ensures that optimal decisions can be made as at when due.

Improved workflow and Excellent Insights

With Microsoft Power BI embedded in the platform, huge amount of datapoints often stored in databases and exposed as tables are now displayed in rich analytics. This makes key decision making easy for management as real insights are surface as dashboards

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