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In today’s cloud era, disruption isn’t just an inconvenience for customers. A fire, flood, ransomware attack or other disaster can rack up financial losses, damage the corporate brand and, in the worst-case scenario, shut a business permanently. The ability to bounce back after downtime can make or break your business. Disaster recovery (DR) capabilities is therefore a key consideration when choosing a cloud platform.


A Technology Provider You can Trust

At Wragby, our experts can help your organization create a strategy for achieving resiliency with our proven disaster recovery offerings. We work with you to limit risk and get your organization running as close to normal as possible after an unexpected interruption. Our practices enable your organization to get back on its feet after problems occur, reduce the risk of data loss and reputational harm, and improve operations while decreasing the chance of emergencies.

Protect Critical Data and Applications with a Backup and disaster recovery platform you can trust

Azure offers an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution that’s simple, secure, scalable, and cost-effective—and can be integrated with on-premises data protection solutions. In the case of service disruption or accidental deletion or corruption of data, recover your business services in a timely and orchestrated manner. The Azure backup and disaster recovery solution is simple to architect, cloud-native, highly available, and resilient.



Simplified & Easy to Manage
  • Deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.
  • Keep applications available during outages with automatic recovery from on-premises to cloud or cloud to cloud
Cost Effective
  • Eliminate extra costs of additional backup infrastructure and overhead for scaling and managing storage.
  • Reduce the cost of deploying, monitoring, patching, and maintaining on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure by eliminating the need for building or maintaining a costly secondary datacenter
  • Protect data against ransomware attacks by enabling multiple-user authentication as an additional layer of authorization for critical operations.
  • Enable secure transfer of backups to Azure Backup storage with private endpoints.
  • Grant fine-grained access to users for specific backup operations using role-based access control (RBAC)
Minimized Downtime & Dependable
  • Scale coverage to as many business-critical applications as you need, backed by high service availability and support

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We are accredited and have strong strategic partnerships with top technology vendors globally. By Combining our strengths and deep expertise, we deliver solutions that yield the best outcomes for our customers.

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